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At Peterson Toyota in Boise, Idaho the 2013  Toyota Camry Hybrid LE will have many  changes, not least of which is its mind-boggling fuel mileage, estimated by the EPA at 43 city/39 highway/ 41 combined. According to a Toyota press release on the upcoming Camry Hybrid, that’s nearly a 30 percent boost in both the city and combined driving cycles compared to the last generation of Camry Hybrid.

As a matter of fact, Toyota claims that the  Toyota Camry Hybrid is “the most fuel efficient midsize sedan*.” The improvements are attributed both to the new hybrid power train as well as the lighter vehicle weight and optimized aerodynamics.

The revised 2.5L 4-cylinder replaces the previous 2.4L while maintaining the Atkinson cycle, which is a method of gaining an expansion ratio larger than the compression ratio via delayed intake-valve closing. Variable Valve Timing-intelligence (Dual VVT-i) is employed, enhancing the Camry Hybrid’s torque on the intake camshaft. In a successful effort to reduce internal friction and boost overall economy, the Hybrid LE has a variable-output oil pump, a roller-rocker type valve train and an electric water pump. Get a feel of this technology at Peterson Toyota in Boise, Idaho.

The lowest possible emissions at all speeds was Toyota’s goal with the Hybrid LE. That goal is met with the use of a water-cooler exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The air-fuel mixture that would generally have to be richened to control cylinder temperatures no longer needs to be richened, because the EGR cools and controls the exhaust gas injected into each cylinder.
19-2013-toyota-camry-hybrid-review (1)The air conditioner as well as the power steering systems on the Peterson Toyota Camry Hybrid are run electrically, ensuring you get the most comfortable ride whether the gas engine on the hybrid is on or not. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system was graced with new efficiency measures, optimizing the regenerative braking, improving motor-voltage control and reducing internal losses in the trans-axle. For a feel of this new braking contact Peterson Toyota.

Once you get a glimpse of the Camry Hybrid’s lower resistance tires, visions of curvy roads will dance in your head. However, you might change your mind once you experience the zero-to-60 in 7.6 seconds acceleration time of the new hybrid Camry. The driver is allowed to operate the car on the electric motor alone for nearly two miles at lower speeds, courtesy of a new EV Drive mode. The EV indicator lights up when the vehicle is under the power of the electric motor alone.

In addition to these great upgrades, the Toyota Camry Hybrid also features interior and exterior design changes, allowing it to stand apart from other Camry models. Hybrid-exclusive trim is visible on the instrument panel and door switch bases, as well as the shift knob and upper console panels. Light gray or ivory seat fabric is available only on the Camry Hybrid, and leather and ultra suede are also options. Executing excellence in comfort.


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