A Day at the Zoo

Recently we held an employee day at Zoo Boise and for a few hours we were highly entertained by a handful of colorful characters.

Especially playful are the White-Handed Gibbon Monkey’s. Like tussling children, they swung on ropes and fences as they played a nimble game of catch.

There was also a set of young Coati kits that wrestled and played a game of “sneak attack” as they climbed logs and jumped between obstacles. Mom just foraged and ignored them.

The Cotton-Top Tamarin’s were fun to watch as well. They mostly hid in their perch and peered out with curiosity as we observed. As you can see, one appears to be the inspiration for “Gollum” in “Lord of the Rings.”

Despite the warm weather the Magellanic Penguins seemed to be getting along nicely. Two of them form a heart as they preen each other.



If you haven’t had a chance to get to Zoo Boise, carve out some time. You’re guaranteed to get a giggle from these comedians of the animal kingdom.

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