Most Iconic Toyota Sportscar

Craig Zinn, of Toyota of Hollywood in Florida, was only 10 when first saw the Toyota 2000GT. He thought it was the most beautiful car and remembers, even as a kid, thinking how much better built they were. Now, 50 years later Craig owns 11 of these vehicles. He likens them to a Faberge egg, very rare, some even selling for up to $1 million dollars. Zinn even owns a replica of the convertible model James Bond made famous in the movie You Only Live Twice. His favorite though, is a Bellatrix Yellow coupe that was a gift from his father, who owned the first Toyota dealership in Florida.


This past summer Zinn was invited to the 50th anniversary festivities in Japan. He shipped his special Carroll Shelby 2000GT for the event. ““What an honor it was to be invited as the 2000GT American representative,” Zinn says. “It goes back to my love for the product. It’s the perfect sports car. It’s just beautiful and fun to drive.”

Picture from Motor Authority: James Bond-Style 1967 Toyota 2000 GT Sells For $1.15 Million



Sadly, we don’t have a Toyota 2000GT, but we have some other great Toyota’s you may be interested in. Visit us online or at 9101 W. Fairview Ave in Boise, Idaho.


content and photo source: Toyota Drivers Seat

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