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Toyota is honored to be a partner of the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee for the 2018 Olympic games.  As a partner,  Toyota invites the world to “Start Your Impossible” by creating a barrier-free society and reinforcing the company’s values of humility, hard work, overcoming challenges, and never giving up. Toyota is committed to its future as a mobility company.

“We have to dream beyond conventional vehicles and create new forms of mobility that overcome the limits of today and solve the problems of tomorrow,” Akio Toyoda said about the partnership. “We share this dream and this spirit of continuous improvement with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who challenge their own limits every day. I hope that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will create an opportunity for everyone affiliated with Toyota to challenge their impossible and defy their limitations.”


As the 2018 Winter games begin, watch as Toyota encourages people from around the globe to overcome their challenges and prove that with the right combination of hard work and innovation, they can accomplish anything they set out to do. Learn more about the ideas that Toyota has for mobility at 


Good Odds-Toyota

Content and photo source: MobilityForAll, Toyota USA, Olympic.Org 

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