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We recently had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Rhianon Gelsomino and we think they might have the coolest jobs a husband and wife could share…ever. Both Rhianon and Alex are professional rally co-drivers. Rally is a sport that features real cars against the clock on unpaved and unforgiving roads. An event can last for days covering hundreds of miles in any number of driving conditions.  A rally car co-driver sits in the passenger seat of the rally car and navigates the driver through what lies ahead using a computerized odometer and route book.

Alex and Rhianon have a great social media presence. To keep up on their latest rally adventures follow them on Instagram @alexgelsomino and @rhifally.


Rhianon just happens to be a co-driver for the Rally Toyota RAV 4 team with Ryan Millen as the driver.  Recently the Rally RAV4 duo won the Ojibwe Forests Rally finishing out a perfect season.

According to Toyota driver Millen, “It was really cool because we have great ground clearance and suspension travel. The slippery conditions are a benefit for the RAV4, because of the automatic transmission. While others were spinning and stalling under braking, we never had any of those issues.” The perfect season is a testament to not only the hard work Millen and co-driver Rhianon Gelsomino exhibited over the course of the year, but the rock-solid reliability of the RAV4. “The car was perfect the whole year. I feel like the driver gets all the glory, but it’s really a team effort, and the car was flawless,” said Millen after his sixth consecutive victory. “We chose a vehicle that had superior reliability. It’s so hard to be able to be consistent every weekend and always be a threat. It’s pretty cool, pretty special.” The championship is the culmination of three years of preparation by Millen and his team. He considers the RAV4 a perfect vehicle to get started in rallying.

There are a few more events left for the team this year, but if you want to keep up on their results you can follow at TRD USA .

Ryan Millen-Driver / Rhianon Gelsomino-Navigator


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