The Best Green Car to Buy

The website has named the 2012 Toyota Prius family of vehicles as its “Best Green Car to Buy 2012.”   For the 2012 model year Toyota will offer four vehicles which include, the third generation liftback, the Prius V, the Prius Plug-in and the Prius c.  With over a million Prius’s sold in the United States  Peterson Toyota recognizes the importance of a fuel efficient vehicle and is looking forward to the  additions to the Prius family.

GreenCarReports editors choose the most significant new “green” car available to shoppers during the 2012 model year, taking into account new technologies, their practicality, and their impact on the environment. The GreenCarReports’ “Best Green Car to Buy” award recognizes mass-market, environmentally sensitive vehicles that are available below $60,000. Utilizing the TheCarConnection’s ratings as a starting point for their evaluation, the GreenCarReports editorial team applies their criteria to select the winner that will carry the “Best Green Car to Buy 2012” environmental message

We have several members of the Prius family available to look at.  If you are contemplating a more fuel efficient vehicle or want to see the technology that  Toyota has worked so hard to create  come and see us.

The Prius Liftback

The third generation  Prius Liftback for 2012 will have minor exterior styling revisions.  The Liftback will be equipped with Entune, a 6.1 inch touch screen, AM/FM CD player unit, a USB port for iPod connectivity, auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth hands-free phone capability and streaming audio. The outside will have updated headlamps, revised tail lamps, plus a new front fascia and bumper.    The Liftback Prius has an EPA estimated 50 MPG rating.  Whether you are passionate about the environment, technology or saving money a Prius is for you.

The Prius V

The Prius V which went on sale in October has the fuel efficiency and versatility of a midsize vehicle.  The Prius V is taller, longer and has more load space than the Prius Liftback.  The extra cubic feet of load space and the rear seat that slides back and forth several inches allows the need for a larger hybrid vehicle to be satisfied.  The Prius V has an EPA-estimated 44-mpg city.

The Prius Plug-In

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid, which offers seating for five, is expected to have  a manufacturer-estimated 87 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in combined driving and 49 MPG in hybrid mode.  The changes between the plug-in and the liftback will be subtle.  The Prius’s plug battery pack will be  176 pounds and will allow electric driving up to 15 miles at 62 miles per hour.    The  Prius Plug-in will go on sale in the spring of 2012.

The Prius C

The Prius C is a much anticipated member of the Prius Family.  The Prius C will combine its Hybrid Synergy Drive with it’s aerodynamic body-style to achieve record fuel efficiency.  The youthful, sportier Prius will offer a fun-to-drive experience.  The Prius C will join the Prius family in January of 2012.



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