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Unbeknownst to Peterson Toyota located at 9101 Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704, false rumors have been spreading, informing drivers that the 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV will be available exclusively to fleet and car sharing programs. This is completely FALSE.

Many Toyota enthusiasts were very disappointed with this misinformation, especially drivers who had been planning on purchasing the next-gen Toyota RAV4 EV. Consumers are excited about Tesla Motors and Toyota’s new creation with its remarkable revamped exterior; stronger powertrain; uncompromised acceleration rate; approximate 100-mile driving range; redesigned bumper and grille; new head and fog lamps; and new 18-inch alloy wheels.

We’re happy Toyota was able to clear up the misinformed reports by explaining in a recent press release, “We’d like to set the record straight. The 2012 RAV4 EV will definitely be sold to the general public…Toyota is the only manufacturer brining two battery electric vehicles to the market in 2012 – the RAV4 EV and Scion iQ EV.”1

Toyota RAV4 EV Evolutions

–    1995 – First Toyota RAV4 EV prototype wins Scandinavian Electric Car Rally
–    1995 –  Toyota places RAV4 EV prototype at institutions around the state of California
–    1996 –  Toyota launches stage one of its zero-emission vehicle initiative – a test program featuring two-door RAV4 EV prototypes
–    1996 – Toyota debuts RAV4 EV at Los Angeles Auto Show
–    1996 – Toyota officially introduces first-generation RAV4 EV
–    1997 – Toyota announces stage two of its zero-emission vehicle initiative, underlining the first time the Toyota RAV4 EV was available for sale in the fleet market
–    2001 – Toyota decides to sell and lease the  RAV4 EV to the general public in California
–    2002 – Toyota RAV4 EV available to California residents via an online ordering system
–    2003 – First-generation Toyota RAV4 EV production ends
–    2010 – Toyota introduces second-generation RAV4 EV developed with Tesla Motors
–    2011 – Toyota Confirms next-generation RAV4 EV launch for 2012

To find out more about either the next-gen Toyota RAV4 EV or Scion iQ (based on the Toyota iQ sold in Japan), contact Peterson Toyota today. Or, visit us in person.

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